Hirva Consultancy Services

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Hirva Consultancy Services (HCS) was formed in the year 2013 with an objective to provide all HR and Training services under one umbrella.

HCS is one of the preferred recruitment and training agencies in the world. We provide recruitment and training services to various clients in the Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Telecom and Retail sectors.

HCS also aims at preparing talented individuals for a responsible professional life. This is achieved by ways of providing them operational knowledge and soft skills. Nevertheless, HCS also facilitates the development of existing industry professionals to equip them for future higher responsibilities.

Learning is not only acquiring information but also an art of acquiring the right information to equip oneself and applying the same in the desirable context. It could neither be limited to a segment of individual nor could be restricted within the boundaries of caste, creed and religion. HCS is open to every talented individual regardless of background, race and gender.